Geek Fuel Unboxing Video: A Monthly, Mini Comic-Con

We got our hands on the latest collection by Geek Fuel, a monthly mystery box for geeks and gamers.

*This content is sponsored by Geek Fuel*

There’s a monthly subscription box for everything—hot sauces, clothes, and even razors. As geeks, however, our goal is to find a box that scratches our pop-culture itch and keeps us guessing month after month. We also don’t want to empty our pockets during our hunt for awesome geeky toys.

Ranging between $20.90 to $24.90 per month (depending on the length of the subscription), we found Geek Fuel to be an awesome solution for getting nerdy, exclusive swag at a reasonable price. They ship out a mystery box for geeks and gamers each month that has at least $50 worth of value for less than half that price. It’s basically Comic Con in a box with great curation and lots of exclusive items. Every box has an exclusive t-shirt, a full downloadable game, and a total of 5-7 geeky items. Frequently featured brands include Marvel, D.C., Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek, Harry Potter, South Park, and others.

Check out our unboxing and thoughts on this month’s box below, plus, get a mystery reward valued at $10+ on us with this link!

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Here’s a glimpse of just a few of the geeky goods you can expect in the August 2017 edition of Geek Fuel’s collection:

– One Dorbz XL vinyl figure

– One version of Epic Enamels

– One Back to the Future themed luggaged ID tag

– A Steam code to redeem the game Spacejacked 

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Happy geeking, everybody!