Gears 5: New Trailers Reveal Story and Horde Mode

Everything you need to know about Gears 5, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

Gears 5 is coming to Xbox One with its most intense story yet. The game centers on Kait Diaz, a supporting character in the last installment. She takes center stage as she embarks on a new adventure deep into Swarm territory. At her side is Del as well as series mainstay Marcus Fenix. 

The last game ended on a cliffhanger, leaving plenty of room for a sequel to continue to explore the adventures of J.D., Kait, Del, and Marcus. Interestingly enough, J.D. doesn’t seem to have much of a role in the debut trailer. Instead, it appears to be Kait who will have the starring role this time around. Her arc was the more interesting one in Gears of War 4, after all.

If you’re wondering why we’re not calling the game Gears of War 5, it’s because the “of War” has been officially dropped by The Coalition for this installment. It was confirmed by The Coalition head Rob Fergusson in a tweet, explaining that it made sense to shorten the title now that the Gears of War franchise has multiple products on the way, including the Gears Pop mobile game and Gears Tactics for PC

Here’s everything else we know about the game:

Gears 5 Trailer

Gears 5 unveiled its new Horde Mode at Gamescom 2019! Watch the gameplay reveal below:

And here’s a look at the story campaign:

This next preview showcases some of the finer points of the game’s versus mode as well as some of the impressive new tech that powers the game. Check it out:

The E3 2019 cinematic trailer for Gears 5 is all about the many sides of new protagonist Kait Diaz:

A new multiplayer mode was also showcased at E3 2019. It’s called Escape:

Oh, and the Terminator is coming to the game for some reason…

And here’s the debut trailer:

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Gears 5 Release Date

Gears of War 5 arrives on Sept. 10, 2019. It’s coming to Xbox One and PC.

Gears 5 Story

Here’s the official synopsis:

The world is crumbling. Humanity’s reliance on technology has become their downfall and enemies are uniting to wipe out all survivors. As Kait you must journey across the biggest, most beautiful Gears world to uncover the origins of the Locust, and fight with your squad to protect what’s left.

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