Gears 5 Escape: Trailer and Details for Multiplayer Mode

Gears 5's latest multiplayer mode puts you in a Left 4 Dead-like situation.

Gears 5 Escape Trailer

Gears 5 will feature a brand-new multiplayer mode called Escape. This is a three player PvE mode that seems to pit players against massive swarms of enemies similar to what we’ve seen in previous horde modes. 

What’s the difference between horde mode and Escape? Well, the biggest difference can be found in the title. Whereas horde modes saw you assume a defensive position in order to fend off incoming enemies, Escape is more about being aggressive as you attempt to flee a similar number of foes. In it, a three-player team (which can either be assembled locally or online) is tasked to run from a deadly venom bomb while incoming Swarm try to impede their progress. 

Early reports of Escape paint is as a surprisingly difficult experience that is essentially an action puzzle. The difficulty of this experience seems to stem partially from the fact that you’re working your way through a maze and also because you must constantly be on the move. You also have to remember that you’re playing with others, so coordination will be key. 

Actually, it sounds like Escape is trying to combine the best of previous horde modes with Left 4 Dead. The latter’s influence can certainly be felt in the presence of safe rooms which allow teams to catch a breather in-between sections. These rooms not only allow you to save your game but will let you resupply as well. That last feature is likely quite vital as it sounds like resources may be at a premium during this mode. 

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Interestingly, Escape also features quite a few character and difficulty modifiers designed to keep the mode fresh. The character modifiers seem to come in the form of different character classes and unique skillsets, while difficulty modifiers do things like reduce the amount of ammo that you get from drop boxes. It actually sounds like you’ll need to complete maps with these difficulty modifiers on in order to actually progress to the next map.

Gears 5 will launch with the Escape mode when the game is released on September 10

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