Garage: A VHS Style Horror Shooter for Nintendo Switch

The horrors of the rental store come to life in this Switch exclusive.

Garage, a top-down shooter designed to resemble the VHS era of filmmaking, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

Inspired by VHS Era B-Movies, Garage is a bloody topdown shooter,” reads the official release from tinyBuild. “You play as Butch, an ex-drug dealer, who single-handedly slays hordes of mutants and the undead.” 

While Garage may trigger thoughts of Hotline Miami or even the 2017 sleeper hit, Darkwood, those comparisons don’t quite convey what the game seems to be going for. Instead, Garage seems to be spiritually closer to a top-down version of a game like Serious Sam. Enemies in the game are numerous and extremely dangerous. Defeating the waves of foes that descend upon you will require you to utilize a series of weapons and some lightning fast reflexes. This appears to be a pure shooter that occasionally utilizes scavenge/exploration elements largely for the purposes of gathering and storytelling. You’ll also find a few secret areas spread throughout each level.

As stated above, the game’s calling card seems to be its almost grindhouse style. The game’s latest trailer showcases everything from slasher-style horror movie rentals to psychedelic neon atmospheres that look like a special effects attempt gone horribly wrong. There’s even a few frames of a kind of Running Man-esque arena atmosphere that players will seemingly be dropped in at some point. 

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Perhaps its old-fashioned at this point, but we’re still always a little surprised to see games this openly grotesque appear on a Nintendo system. While Nintendo isn’t quite as opposed to “mature” content as they used to be, Switch owners looking for something a little more visceral will no doubt be happy to turn to this fast-paced piece of retro brutality. 

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Garage is currently listed as a Nintendo Switch exclusive title that is set to release on May 10th. Whether the game will eventually be ported to other platforms remains to be seen.