Friday the 13th: The Game – New Challenge Mode Revealed

What do you get when you combine Friday the 13th and Hitman?

Friday the 13th: The Game – c’mon, there had to be a catchier title than that – is getting an expanded single-player mode. 

At present, the game’s single-player mode is nothing more than just a version of the multiplayer mode with bots instead of actual players. The new single-player mode will introduce Hitman-esque “challenge missions” that require you to perform certain actions as Jason Vorhees. 

While most of these actions consist of killing someone – it is Jason – they will rarely be as simple as just killing a specific target. For instance, some challenges may require you to eliminate a target in a very specific way or kill counselors in a very specific order. It’s not much, but it already sounds better than the existing single-player. 

Of course, the Friday the 13th development team don’t seem content with letting the mode rest in its initial state. They specifically reference the Hitman series when they state that they intend to develop these missions in a way that will inspire creative play and multiple attempts. Furthermore, they wish to expand upon this mode in the future as new ideas and concepts occur to them. 

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Still, it does feel like the mode may be somewhat limited in its current state. Part of what makes the Hitman challenges so interesting is that they’re really just extensions of the already complex levels and objectives featured in the main Hitman campaign. Comparatively, kills in Friday the 13th‘s multiplayer mode are less about the tactical challenge and more about the visceral thrill. 

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For this mode to work, the developers are going to have to find ways to reimagine the core mechanics of the game within the confines of these challenges. That’s a tall task, but the dedication the developers have shown thus far does suggest they may be up to the…err…challenge.