Free Online Copies of Nintendo Power Have Now Been Removed

It looks like that glorious online collection of printed nostalgia is no more.

Update 1 – 08.10.16:

Bad news Nintendo Power fans. 

It appears that the issues of Nintendo Power that were available on have been removed. Now, the page that previously hosted them simply reads “No results matched your criteria.”

At this time, there is no word on whether or not Nintendo ordered this takedown or if there is something else going on. However, given that the company did recently remove that incredible fan-made remake of Metroid II, it is possible that this collection was another victim of licensing issues. Let’s just hope the recently released Pokemon Uranium is allowed to stick around a little longer. 

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Original Story – 08.02.16:

Proving that there is a little good left in the world, the internet archive library appears to be in the process of uploading every single issue of Nintendo Power to the internet.

Yes, every wonderfully nostalgic cover, ever pseudo-sarcastic editorial reply, every jaw-dropping visual guide, and every single Nintendo comic that made Nintendo Power a childhood gaming institution may soon be available for download entirely free as a result of this project. 

Those who wish to start catching up on Nintendo Power magazines like it’s 1993 may do so via this link.

You will either have the option to read the magazines on the website or download them yourself, but we would recommend the download option if for no other reason than it will help ensure that digital records of these magazines remain available across multiple user resources. 

Please note that at this time, there are conflicting reports regarding how many of these magazines are viewable by individual visitors. Some have claimed that they are only able to see issues up until the year 1999, while others state that they are viewing the years 2001 and up as well. It’s likely that the news was caught in the process of the website uploading the issues which, combined with the traffic this site is about to receive, may cause some latency. 

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However, it does appear that the intention is to upload nearly every issue of this classic magazine. 

To say that this is a gift for old-school gamers everywhere would be a true understatement. Nintendo Power remains one of the most important gaming magazines that has ever been published, and the joy of flipping through its colorful pages is just as strong as ever.