Forza Horizon 4 Rumored to Feature Halo Levels and Vehicles

Leaks suggest Forza Horizon 4 will pay tribute to Halo's Silent Cartographer mission.

A Forza Horizon 4 leak suggests that the game will feature content related to the infamous Silent Cartographer level from Halo: Combat Evolved

Reddit user DusenberryPie uploaded a series of images to Imgur that they claim comes from an early version of the upcoming racing game. The vast majority of the images showcase various vehicles that will be included in the game. Said vehicles include commercial trucks, vintage racing cars, and even “cult cars” that seemingly include a car that resembles the family truckster from National Lampoon’s Vacation

However, the one image that’s captured everyone’s attention is a picture of the Halo Warthog cruising along what appears to be the beach from Halo: CE‘s infamous Silent Cartographer level. Based on leaked reports and general speculation, it seems that Forza Horizon 4 will feature a special event dedicated to turning that section of Halo into a race. Whether this race will be against other Warthogs or will require you do to something more elaborate like outrun the Covenant remains to be seen. 

While such speculation would normally not be worth reporting until it’s confirmed, there are plenty of reasons to believe that this information is genuine. As Eurogamer points out, Forza fans spotted an icon on Forza Horizon 4‘s upcoming map that certainly seems to resemble the UNSC dropship from Halo. You can see exactly what they are talking about in this video

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That’s not all. Earlier this year, some fans data mined the Forza Horizon 4 files and found that there appears to be some content in the game related to Halo in some way. Given that these files came from an almost full version of the game that was accidentally made available to pre-order users, it seems very likely that this information is legitimate. Of course, Forza Horizon 3 also featured a cameo from Halo‘s Warthog. 

Still, we’ll bring you more on this story if Horizon 4‘s Halo content is confirmed. 

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