Fortnite: Valentines Day Event Release Date & New Items

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Photo: Epic Games

Epic Games has revealed more information about their upcoming Valentine’s Day event for Fortnite and Battle Royale

While Epic hasn’t revealed every piece of content included in this new event, they have showcased a few of the new items it will include. The most prized of these new possessions may end up being the new Valentine’s Day skins. So far, those include a winged statue that we believe is supposed to resemble a combination of St. Valentine and Cupid. There’s also a humanoid pink teddy bear that is much creepier than possibly intended. There’s no word on whether or not other skins will be included with the final event release. 

However, we do know that the upcoming Valentine event will add a crossbow to the game. Specifically, it’s a gold and pink crossbow that will apparently allow you to “hunt your prey the old-fashioned way.” This crossbow is available as a rare and epic and fires arrows that can be found on the ground and in treasure chests. 

Battle Royale mode isn’t the only mode getting some love as part of this update. Fortnite‘s Save the World mode will also receive a new questline which is described as a love story “told the Fortnite way.” At this time, there’s been no confirmation regarding the details of this mode or whether or not any additional content will be added to Fortnite when this update goes live on February 14th. 

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Following the release of the Valentine’s Day event, Fortnite will receive an Update 3.00 patch on February 21st that will add a new quest line to the game, new items to the store, and a new rendition of the game’s music (referred to as the “Orchestra Edition”). On February 28th, a 3.1.0 update will tweak player movement in the game, improve the quest map, and also add some as of yet unidentified features. 

It’s no surprise that Epic is investing so many resources into the growth of Fortnite. The game has become one of the most played titles on PC ever since its free-to-play Battle Royale variant was introduced. It continues to grow and has inspired Epic to devote more attention to it moving forward while removing resources from other, failing projects.