Fortnite Update Includes Shopping Cart Vehicle

Is Fortnite about to get its first vehicle?

Photo: Epic Games

The Fortnite team is hinting that the game is going to get its first vehicle. 

If you take a look at Fortnite‘s new updates section, you’ll find a reference to a shopping cart that apparently allows you to “roll into battle alone or with a buddy.” Granted, a shopping cart doesn’t sound like much of a vehicle but, considering that the Fortnite team has been relatively coy about whether or not they’ll add vehicles to the game at any point, the mere mention of any kind of vehicle-like addition is pretty interesting. 

Sadly, “interesting” is about all this news is at this point. Epic Games haven’t revealed any more information about the shopping cart and oddly neglected to mention it during the last round of formal Fortnite update announcements. That being the case, it’s not clear when this vehicle will be added to the game, how it will function, or if this vehicle was supposed to be revealed at this time. 

Based on other information the Fortnite team have shared, though, there’s a strong likelihood that this vehicle will be a limited-time addition to the game similar to the jetpack that Fortnite recently received. If that does hold true, it means that these shopping carts will likely be featured as part of a special event and will be available in other modes for a select amount of time. 

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The other possibility is that Fortnite is going to have vehicles from now on. That possibility seems a little less likely, though, considering that the Fortnite team has previously mentioned that vehicles work against the size of the current map and the play style they’re trying to achieve. It’s far from impossible that they’ve changed their minds, but a limited event seems more likely at this time. 

Of course, if vehicles are permanently added to Fortnite, that will bring the game one-step closer to PUBG which might just contribute to the lawsuit that the PUBG team are filing against Epic over Fortnite