Fortnite: Season 4 Patch Finally Reveals Where the Comet Landed

The comet, and Fortnite's next season, has finally arrived.

The next season of Fornite has arrived, and it brings with it the long-awaited arrival of that mysterious comet that has been lingering in the game’s sky.

The headline change in season four is the reveal of the comet’s landing spot. It turns out the comet didn’t land on Tilted Towers as previously predicted by the game’s fanbase but has instead landed on Dusty Depot. Now called Dusty Divot, the area is drastically different than it was before. Actually, the point of impact in the center of the area is still being affected by significantly lower gravity, so be sure to stop and have some fun with that. 

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Even though Dusty Depot took the bulk of the comet’s impact, other areas have been affected in smaller ways. You’ll find several craters spread throughout the game’s map that mark where smaller rocks landed as well as a few minor cosmetic changes to existing areas which were seemingly altered by the falling debris. There’s even an entirely new area in the game called Risky Reels. It’s an apocalyptic drive-in movie theater that is somewhat sparse but thematically interesting. 

However, the most enjoyable new feature this new season introduces might be the addition of superheroes.

In the game’s overlooked Save the World mode, there’s a new event that requires you to investigate the impact of the comet and recruit superheroes that were seemingly created by the radiation rays that trailed the falling debris. It looks to be an incredibly fun addition to the largely underrated co-op mode that should help some of the game’s battle royale fans find an excuse to give it a shot. Existing and new Save the World fans will also be able to play with a new mythic soldier subclass. 

Finally, there are a ton of minor changes introduced by the new season update. They include:

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– Headshots now take priority when other body parts are in the way

– Random cosmetic selection options

– Unlimited emote slots (and the ability to emote while riding a rocket)

– Credits are now awarded for knocking players off the game’s map

Overall, this is a massive update that should give Fortnite players plenty of reason to dive back into the game (as if you ever needed an excuse to do so).