Fortnite Season 7 Release Date Confirmed

Fortnite Season 7 will arrive just in time for Christmas. Here's what we know about the new season...

Fortnite Season 7

Epic plans to release the first details regarding Fortnite season seven during the 2018 Game Awards. This news comes from Epic and 2018 Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, who have both confirmed that we’ll hear more about Fortnite‘s next content season sometime during the upcoming award show. Fortnite season 7 is set to arrive on Dec. 6, the night of The Game Awards.

The team certainly couldn’t have picked a better time to reveal the game’s next season. Fortnite‘s sixth season ends shortly before the start of The Game Awards, which means that the Fortnite faithful will be especially eager to hear what comes next. Expect to hear about new features, skins, the Battle Pass, and perhaps even a new mode or two. Epic has dropped a teaser in the meantime:

In case you don’t know, Fortnite‘s seasons are more than just an excuse for Epic to release some new outfits and dance emotes. Previous seasons of the game have been highlighted by some kind of major event that not only alters the game’s map but sometimes adds an entirely new dimension to Fortnite‘s battle royale gameplay — dimensions that make the game that much more addictive and potentially harmful to marriages

Season seven’s event seems to be related to a storm cloud that has slowly been approaching the Fortnite map in recent weeks. Those who have been following the progress of the cloud have noticed that it actually seems to contain some kind of giant iceberg. Oh, and that iceberg has a castle on it that has recently shown signs of activity. The takeaway from these teases seems to be that Fortnite is about to get some kind of new snow area. Of course, we’d be surprised if that’s all this iceberg brings. 

We’ll bring you more on Fortnite season seven as we learn it.  

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