Fortnite: Campaign Mode Will Receive Major Updates

Fortnite's co-op campaign mode, Save the World, is getting tons of new content.

Fortnite‘s often overlooked cooperative Save the World mode is set to receive a series of major updates. The most significant upcoming update in terms of content is the new Canny Valley campaign. This new campaign will take players across the “Arid parts of the Fortnite world” and will give co-op adventurers “many new and unique places to explore.” Epic is also promising that the story of this campaign will answer many of the questions that linger from previous Save the World adventures. 

It seems that the Canny Valley campaign will be released across several acts, with the first act set to launch sometime after the eventual v5.0 update. Epic is also working to improve Save the World’s enemy and mission varieties. While the studio didn’t go into detail regarding the full extent of its plans to improve the variety of the game’s objectives and enemies, Epic did confirm that it’s introducing a more powerful version of the Shielder enemy and that he will be joined by a new foe called the Zapper. It seems that more changes and enemy implementations will be introduced in the coming months. 

The v5.0 update will also feature a “re-introduced” take on the Challenge the Horde mode. This re-worked mode is said to be the “primary focus” of the v5.0 event and will feature improved difficulty progression, a reworked combat system, mini-bosses, and brand-new rewards. These updates will also incorporate areas and content from the Arid biodome introduced in the Canny Valley campaign. 

Finally, Epic wants to make it easier to report bad players. Players whose reports lead to another player being penalized will soon receive a notice that their reports led to some kind of punishment. Epic hopes that this system will encourage more people to report those who exhibit “improper conduct.”

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For more information on these upcoming Fortnite updates, be sure to check out Epic’s latest blog post.