Former Dishonored and BioShock Developers Reveal New Horror Game The Blackout Club

A group of kids band together to solve a supernatural mystery? We've seen stranger things...

Well, this is interesting. 

Question, a new studio comprised of veteran talent who worked on games like BioShock and Dishonored, have revealed that they are working on a new horror game called The Blackout Club. This game tells the story of a group of small-town teens who discover that they’ve all been losing consciousness without explanation. When one of their friends disappear and all of the adults in town refuse to tell them what is going on, the teens decide to band together and solve these mysteries themselves. 

Based on the information the developers have revealed thus far, it seems like The Blackout Club will combine elements of stealth and horror games. That makes sense given then the experience of the game’s development team. While it looks like you will be able to participate in basic combat sequences and utilize the character’s special abilities to solve gameplay hurdles, it definitely feels like environmental exploration and storytelling are more important than direct conflict. That being said, it looks like there are a few enemy types that will require you to utilize various techniques to either defeat or subvert. 

Players will be required to participate in what the developers refer to as “surveillance missions” which require you to research what the adults are up to and whether or not there is a conspiracy going on. For instance, you might have to record an adult proceeding to a mysterious location. That requires one of the players to be captured so the others can gather information on where they are taken. 

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What really gets us excited about this game, though, is the premise. Even though the “kids battle against evil” genre has been popular for decades now, we really haven’t seen many modern video games that aim to recreate that style. There’s definitely a Stephen King vibe to this story’s premise, especially once you dive into the plot details concerning an underground world of mysterious adults. 

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It feels like this game will work best in its reported four-player co-op mode so you can recreate those It and Monster Squad childhood dreams, but it’s easy to imagine how this game can invoke the group dynamic if it eventually offers a single-player option. So long as each character in the game has a role to play and you’re able to switch between them as needed, players should be provided with the necessary strategic options it takes to make a game such as this work. The developers warn that some of those powers will be limited to “once per night” use in order to inspire more communication and strategic options. 

The Blackout Club should be released on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 sometime in early 2019.