Flashback Heading to Nintendo Switch for 25th Anniversary

Early '90s action-adventure Flashback is making a return on the Nintendo Switch - and it's getting a special boxed release...

With smooth animation and an epic-sounding score, Flashback felt about as close as you could get to starring in your own sci-fi action movie, at least in the 16-bit era.

Designed by Paul Cuisset, Flashback was a high-concept adventure game about an amnesiac scientist who finds himself in the midst of an interplanetary conspiracy. Its action and rotoscoped animation style was like an upgrade of the original Prince of Persia, while its twist-laden plot was seemingly inspired by the 1990 hit, Total Recall.

Thanks to the publisher Microids, Flashbacks making a return, this time to the Nintendo Switch. Check out the announcement trailer:

Oddly, it’s a port of the Super Nintendo version from 1993 rather than the earlier Amiga release. What this means, though, is that Microids can bill it as a 25th anniversary edition, which will come as a regular digital release and a fancy collector’s edition with added physical goodies.

Inside you’ll find an instruction booklet, a steel case modeled after a SNES cartridge, the soundtrack, and a metal card with a number on it. We’re not sure what the latter actually does.

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The game itself will come in two versions: the original, untouched SNES port and a Modern Mode, which adds some 21st-century creature comforts – like a tutorial and the ability to rewind your mistakes. Flashback was one of those games where you died a lot, right from the opening screen, so these additions should help ease in newer players.

Now, we wonder whether we’ll get a remastered version of Fade to Black, Paul Cuisset’s 1995 sequel? Watch this space…

Flashback arrives on the Switch on the 7th June.