Finding Paradise: Trailer & Release Date for To the Moon Sequel

The sequel to one of the saddest games ever looks just as devastating.

To The Moon, the 2011 indie RPG from developer Freebird Games, is finally getting a sequel. Here’s the real teaser trailer for Finding Paradise:

Fortunately, it turns out it’s not going to be the game teased in this mock trailer recently released by the game’s development team:

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That brilliant parody preview of the upcoming sequel suggests that To the Moon 2, referred to there as “2 The Moon,” will feature more action than ever before, more loot boxes than ever before, and a classic sci-fi storyline involving space cults or some such thing. 

Of course, none of that information is real. While there is a sequel to To the Moon set to release on December 14th – its actual title is Finding Paradise – it will not feature guns, loot boxes, or silly sci-fi plots. 

That’s all well and good, but there are still several questions that remain regarding what this sequel will actually feature. If you never played 2011’s To the Moon…well, you need to drop everything and fix that right now. While To the Moon‘s classic JRPG-style gameplay isn’t exactly revolutionary, the real star of the show is the game’s heartbreaking narrative. In fact, some consider To the Moon‘s tale of two scientists who try to help a dying man achieve his greatest desire to be the greatest story in video game history. 

The only problem with the game’s story is that it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a sequel. Instead, it seems that this game will focus on the adventures of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts who use a machine to give dying people the chance to relive their lives from the start. Wile this game is described as To The Moon’s second chapter, the only connection that we see thus far is the starring role of the two doctors. 

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Given that To the Moon featured the kind of creative talent that cannot be considered a coincidence, we eagerly anticipate seeing what the Finding Paradise team has up their sleeve that we will most certainly be borrowing to wipe our tears with.