Final Fantasy XV DLC: 2019 Episodes Revealed

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XV DLC, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

Almost two years after Square Enix’s highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV hit stores, the game is still getting new DLC and story expansions. In fact, the publisher plans to release four more DLC packs through 2019, joining the game’s already impressive list of story expansions released up to this point. 

The first of the remaining expansions is Episode Ardyn. Below you can find more details on that DLC. Square Enix has also released quite a bit more info about the subsequent story DLCs that will be released throughout 2018 and 2019. We’ve included descriptions for all of those upcoming story episodes in the order in which Square Enix has said they will be released. Unfortunately, there are no release dates available for any of these story episodes. 

Here’s what we know about the upcoming expansions:

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Details 

Square Enix has announced that they plan on releasing at least three DLC episode add-ons for Final Fantasy XV in 2018. These episodes will each focus on different characters or specific aspects of the game’s world just as previous major expansions for the game have done. 

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While Square Enix is choosing to remain quiet about most of the episodes until closer to their release, they did confirm that one of them will focus on Final Fantasy XV villain, Ardyn. It seems that Square Enix plans on using this DLC as a chance to expand upon Ardyn as a character and really explore his motivations. The designers have also indicated that they’d like to focus on fellow villain Luna, but did not confirm if that story will be a separate DLC release. 

There is no specific release date available for Episode Ardyn at this time.

Final Fantasy XV: Aranea – “The Beginning of the End”

This episode follows Aranea as she experiences what may just be the worst day of her life. This story covers the Starscourge from the perspective of the Niflheim. The empire’s dying days features some tragic moments that players must guide Aranea through. 

Final Fantasy XV: Lunafreya – “The Choice of Freedom

It seems that death will not free Luna from the destiny she has been assigned. In this episode, players must fight save Luna’s love while dealing with a twisting narrative that might just end up altering the fate of others. 

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis – “The Final Strike”

Noctis final battle see him leave the Astrals and engage in a mysterious final battle that he hopes will save his people from a terrible fate.