Final Fantasy Digital Card Game Coming to PC and Mobile

Square Enix has confirmed they are working on a new Final Fantasy digital card game.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game

Square Enix is working on a digital Final Fantasy card game.

While such a project has been rumored for quite some time, Square Enix has recently released a statement via their Japanese site that they are developing a digital Final Fantasy CCG. The plan at the moment is to release this game on PC and mobile devices in Japan. In fact, it sounds like you’re going to need a Yahoo! Japan ID just to sign up for one of the 10,000 available closed beta invites. Registration for the closed beta will end on January 15. The beta itself will run from January 18-25. 

As you’ve probably already guessed, this will be a free-to-play title with microtransactions. We don’t yet know the extent of the game’s microtransactions, but such games typically employ the blind pack buy system which requires you to purchase a pack of cards without knowing which cards are actually in them. 

The game itself doesn’t appear to be a copy of any of the other Final Fantasy card games we’ve seen before (which includes the physical card game that finally made its way to the U.S. and the brilliant, but overlooked, Triple Triad game from Final Fantasy VIII). The exact mechanics aren’t known, but it seems that playing cards in this game will spawn a sprite of a Final Fantasy character meant to represent that cards’ ability. It seems most of the characters are based on Final Fantasy characters of the past, and there’s a translated mention of being able to “develop characters,” which hints at RPG mechanics. 

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There’s currently no word on whether or not this game will be released outside of Japan, but we’d be shocked if it doesn’t find its way to the West. As we mentioned, they eventually exported the physical Final Fantasy trading card game, and such titles can be very lucrative. 

If the Final Fantasy digital card game does come to the West, it will face some stiff competition. Hearthstone is still arguably the king of the market in terms of overall popularity, but Valve’s Artifact is still gaining steam (pun proudly intended) and there is that new Marvel game made by some of the principal former members of the Hearthstone team that we’re waiting to hear more about. 

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