Final Fantasy 7 Remake Includes Classic Battle Mode Option

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Classic Mode will feel closer to the original Final Fantasy 7 experience.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Classic Combat

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will feature a more “traditional” combat system for those who crave a slightly more old-school experience. 

Dubbed Classic Mode (naturally), this battle system will not completely recreate the original Final Fantasy 7 combat experience but rather re-imagine the remake’s combat so that it feels closer to the spirit of the original game. Let’s dive into that a bit. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s standard battle system, players will use the square button to perform basic attacks. By performing enough basic attacks, they can access a menu that allows them to perform special attacks. Think of it as a modified version of the Kingdom Hearts battle system. 

This Classic combat option will basically just perform the basic attacks for you with no input required. That way, you only really need to make input commands when that menu pops up and it’s time to select special menu options. 

The idea is that by skipping the process of inputting basic attack commands, you can essentially recreate the pace of the original version of Final Fantasy 7 which required you to wait for your ATB gauge to be filled before you could issue commands to your characters. Of course, one of the commands in the original game was to perform a basic attack, but again, the idea here is to recreate the pace of the original game’s combat.

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It’s an interesting approach to say the least. Some fans criticized Square Enix for their decision to add real-time combat to the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Whether or not this compromise will appeal to or appease those fans remains to be seen, but you’ve got to respect the effort. 

In any case, it’s clear that classic gaming experiences appear to be an emerging trend. WoW Classic is doing quite well, and fans are even working on an EverQuest classic server that could prove to be quite popular.

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