Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch

Mobile game Final Fantasy Pocket Edition now has console homes.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch. 

Previously released on mobile devices, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is best described as the chibi version of Final Fantasy XV. That means that it’s loaded with cute caricature models of famous FF XV characters, world, and foes. Yes, it’s part of that movement to chibi everything that we’re not quite sure we fully understand. 

It’s tempting – and somewhat accurate – to say that it’s a watered down version of Final Fantasy XV, but that’s doesn’t quite tell the whole story. There’s actually quite a bit of content in the base mobile game. Pocket Edition features a fairly respectable interpretation of Final Fantasy XV‘s combat system that actually enhances certain aspects of the core experience due to how much of the fluff it cuts out.

The story is also quite good. While the game utilizes that chibi art style, the plot itself is fairly deep and touches upon many of the same aspects and plot points that we saw in the full version of the game. For a mobile game, it’s actually pretty impressive. 

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That said, we’re not entirely sure whether or not Pocket Edition will find a substantial audience outside of the mobile crowd. It’s fairly cute and pretty well-made, but it’s one of those titles that certainly feels like it was made for mobile devices, despite the best efforts of Square Enix to enhance certain features for the game’s console port. It’s likely the Switch port of the game will feel a little more natural than the also confirmed Xbox One and PS4 versions of the title. 

You’ll have the chance to find out for yourself how Pocket Edition fares when the game releases on an unknown (but likely very soon) date for what appears to be the suggested retail price of $29.99 (though a sale will knock that price down on at least the Xbox One and PS4). 

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