Fear Effect Sedna: Release Date & Details

This isometric take on the cult franchise will soon be available.

Fear Effect Sedna, an isometric adventure based on the Fear Effect series, is set to release on March 16th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

Sedna is being developed by Square Enix Collective studio but its being penned by the series’ original writer. It will also feature many of the original characters from those games as well as some of the same design sensibilities and basic plot elements. 

Otherwise, this is a completely new take on the Fear Effect franchise. It abandons the highly-cinematic 3D style of the original titles in favor of an isometric perspective. This new perspective will lend itself to a more tactical action experience wherein every character is able to utilize special abilities that will dictate their combat style. You’ll also be able to utilize a modified take on the “Fear Effect” mechanic from the original games. Here, your character’s fear levels will impact their abilities in combat. 

Of course, the Fear Effect games were never really about the action. So far as that goes, Sedna figures to feature the return of that series’ incredibly bizarre story and its equally strange world. That means a lot of dialog about Asian mythology and various hells all wrapped-up in a kind of classic spy/mercenary adventure. Sedna will also feature the return of Fear Effect‘s iconic and bizarre death cutscenes. 

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What we’re getting at here is that Fear Effect Sedna is basically Fear Effect distilled to its core essence. That also means that some of the…superfolous elements of the original experience have been filtered out of the process. Those of you who played the original Fear Effect games may recall that their brilliant world-building and bizarre design elements were hindered by some awkward action sequences. Sedna’s new style figures to greatly improve that aspect of the originals. 

Of course, Sedna isn’t the only Fear Effect game Collective is working on. They’re also developing Fear Effect Reinvented; a remaster of the PlayStation original that does not currently have a release date.