Far Cry New Dawn: Splinter Cell Easter Egg Lets You Wear Sam Fisher’s Suit

Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, The Division and more are all referenced in Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell Easter Egg

Far Cry New Dawn features a series of fascinating Easter eggs that not only let you acquire Sam Fisher’s suit from the Splinter Cell series but seemingly connect various Ubisoft games into one shared universe. 

To find the Sam Fisher suit, you’ll need to locate a downed government plane. You can either find this plane naturally or wait until a mission involving it takes you there. Once you locate it, you may notice that this plane is actually the C-147B Paladin from Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Go into the front half of the plane, kill the enemies inside, and you’ll find a laptop that can be interacted with even though it’s not turned on. Interact with the laptop, and it will not only display a map of where the nuclear bombs in the game’s story landed but open a door somewhere in the plane. 

The door can be found up the stairs that lead you to the nose of the plane. There, you’ll find Sam Fisher’s suit just waiting for you. While it offers no tangible benefits besides looking cool, the suit’s description name drops Sam Fisher quite heavily and leaves no doubt as to whether or not this suit is the real deal. 

Here’s where things get really interesting, though. Aside from the Sam Fisher suit, New Dawn also features a series of letters scattered throughout the world that seem to have been written by Sam Fisher. While one of these letters tips you off to the suit location, the other letters mention what Sam is doing in this world and even suggests that he’s still alive following the events of the game’s nuclear apocalypse. One of the letters even name drops The Division.

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Some players have also spotted a file in New Dawn that bears the logo of the company in Watch Dogs. Others have even argued that Sam Fisher’s appearance in Ghost Recon (which also features a cameo from Rainbow Six characters) can be linked to the events of New Dawn. Put it all together, and you start to see the formation of a Ubisoft shared universe. 

While we don’t think we’re going to get a Ubisoft Avengers game, it would be nice to at least see a proper Splinter Cell sequel. 

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