Far Cry: New Dawn Adds a “Light RPG Approach” to the Series

Creative director Jean-Sebastien Decant spills the beans about what's new in Far Cry: New Dawn.

Far Cry: New Dawn

Since it’s picking up 17 years after the nuclear blast at the end of Far Cry 5, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Far Cry: New Dawn will be a bit different from its predecessor (even though they share the same location, Hope County). However, fans may not have been expecting the upcoming spinoff title to feature an injection of RPG mechanics.

That’s exactly what is happening, though. Ubisoft‘s creative director on the game, Jean-Sebastien Decant, promised as much in a new Twitter video. You can watch the clip further down this page, if you fancy watching the tease for yourself with all the game footage that goes with it.

“We pushed what we call the light RPG approach in the game to create more depth,” Decant explains in the vid, “so you’ll be able to craft guns that have ranks, and these ranks, they will be useful to fight against enemies that also have ranks.”

Decant went on to reveal that Far Cry: New Dawn will also be altering the outpost system to provide fresh experiences for players.

“We have what we call the escalation system for the outposts,” Decant said. “Now, with an outpost, you can take it and take the resources that are in it, but you can also decide to squeeze it, and if you squeeze it, you’re going to abandon it. And now that it’s vacant, the enemy is going to come back, put more resources in it, and also more defense, and create a new challenge.”

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It may be building on an old map, then, but it sounds like Far Cry: New Dawn will have a few more tricks and surprises up its sleeve than many may have initially expected. The game releases on Feb. 15, 2019, and we’ll be sure to bring you more news as we hear it.