Fan Video Converts Overwatch into GoldenEye 007

Just try not to think about the strong possibility you'll never actually play this conversion.

If there’s one problem with our 2016 game of the year Overwatch, it’s that it’s not GoldenEye 007. Then again, the same can be said for just about every game released since Rare’s 1997 N64 shooter that forever changed the future of console shooter multiplayer. 

Oh sure, fond memories of GoldenEye do help to disguise the game’s many modern design shortcomings, but there is something that is undeniably charming about the greatest James Bond game ever made. It’s a charm that even the best modern shooters sometimes struggle to replicate. 

In an effort to combine the excellence of Overwatch and the charms of GoldenEye, YouTuber Noilleber produced this video which turns 2016’s greatest multiplayer shooter into the 1997 game which once shared similar acclaim.

What stands out about this video are the presentation touches. While obvious alterations such as the GoldenEye soundtrack playing in the background and the modified HUD invoke memories of that classic shooter, it’s the little things like the third-person camera that introduces each combatant and the entirely accurate sound effects which really sell the conversion. 

Two especially notable highlights of this project, however, are Torbjörn’s role as the frustratingly impossible to hit modern-day Oddjob and McCree’s pick up of the one shot kill Golden Gun. 

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This fan video actually comes at a bit of an interesting time for Overwatch as Blizzard has just rolled out a new mode for the game’s PTR servers which allows for users to design custom gametypes. While it’s not quite in-depth enough to allow for players to design a playable GoldenEye experience, it does include a paintball option that might invoke memories of one of GoldenEye‘s most memorable cheats.