Fallout 76 Hidden Room Contains a Human NPC

Does Bethesda plan on adding human NPCs to Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Human NPC

Fallout 76 players have discovered a hidden developer room that contains a human NPC and other as-of-yet unused assets.

Historically, most major Bethesda games have contained these developer rooms. Much like the recently discovered Legend of Zelda minus world, they allow developers to store some excess assets and maybe test a few things in the game environment. Most of the older developer rooms in Bethesda games were only accessible when you used certain console commands. Many players figured that tactic wouldn’t work in Fallout 76 due to the game’s multiplayer features. 

However, it’s reportedly been rumored for quite some time now that there is an accessible developer room in Fallout 76. While it’s not known exactly how long people have known about this room (and how to access it) a series of recent videos and reports confirms that the room can be entered. 

What’s in Fallout 76‘s developer room? Quite a bit, actually. The arguable highlight of the room (it’s actually several rooms) thus far is what appears to be a model for a human NPC named “Wooby.” As you may remember, Bethesda had previously stated that there are no human NPCs in Fallout 76 because the game is about the first vault dwellers venturing into the world and settling it themselves. However, the mysterious Wooby seems to suggest that Bethesda is either testing the idea of implementing human NPCs, had previously tested it and rejected it, or maybe just needed a human NPC around when it came time to test certain other items.

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Speaking of other items, players have actually found certain skins in this room that haven’t been added to the game yet. Remarkably, it’s actually possible to take the skins out of this room and use them in the live game. It seems that this element of the room has caused Bethesda to step in and start issuing bans for anyone who actually takes the skins or any other items from this room. This comes after some players attempted to sell these skins online ahead of their intended release date. It’s not clear if similar bans are being issues for people who just choose to enter the room. 

Regardless, the fact that Bethesda is banning people for actions related to Fallout 76‘s developer room means that we’re not going to share how to enter the room or encourage anyone to seek that information out unless they are prepared to deal with the consequences. 

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