Fallout 4: Northern Springs Mod Adds Epic New Adventure

This deep Fallout 4 mod forces you to navigate the frozen wasteland.

The most ambitious Fallout 4 mod yet will allow you to explore a frozen corner of the apocalypse. Here’s a new preview video for Northern Springs:

Created by Jshrapnelc, and available now on Nexus Mods, Northern Springs adds a new area to Fallout 4 that described as being larger than the areas added by Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC releases. You can’t access the new area until you’ve accepted a quest in the game’s Commonwealth area, but once you’re there, you can expect to encounter a variety of new content. 

Said content includes more than 50 new map marker locations to discover, new weapons and armor, four new followers, and a variety of full quest lines and mini-missions to complete as part of the mod’s story. If you happened to enjoy the settlement building from Fallout 4, you’ll be happy to know that you can build settlements in this mode across three different locations. You can also just choose to complete one of four jobs (Cage Fighter, Deathclaw Hunter, Book Collector, or Bounty Hunter) if you’re looking to earn some extra caps. 

Just be warned that this mod is only intended for veteran players. In fact, the mod’s creator doesn’t really recommend that you attempt to play it until you’ve reached level 40 in the base game. It seems that Northern Springs plays host to some vicious new creatures as well as amplified takes on previous enemies. 

The mod’s creator notes that it took over two years to make this mod, which really isn’t a surprise when you consider the scope of the new world as well as the fact that it features an original soundtrack and full voice acting. To be honest, it’s the kind of add-on that many Fallout 4 fans were hoping to see Bethesda add to the game after its release. With the possible exception of Far Harbor, though, Bethesda opted for more specialized pieces of DLC content. 

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Just be warned that this mod is in beta. In other words, you might encounter an unusual number of bugs (even in terms of Fallout games). The mod’s creator has also promised to fix issues with the game, as well as add new content, in the coming weeks and months.