Fallout 3 Fan Remake Project Has Been Shut Down

It seems the lawyers have survived the apocalypse.

An ambitious attempt to recreate Fallout 3 in Fallout 4 has been shut down following legal issues. 

Across Twitter and their Discord channel, the team behind this mod stated that they talked with Bethesda and realized that their plans would trigger some legal red flags that they hadn’t considered. The explanation is a little long-winded and is obviously hindered by things that can’t be discussed, but it seems that the team harbors no ill-will towards Bethesda. In fact, one team member expressed thanks towards the studio for notifying them of some things they didn’t consider and for actually trying to work with them rather than just issue a takedown. 

Some believe the problem may be related to using the voice acting from Fallout 3. Actually, the team behind the similarly ambitious Fallout 4: New Vegas confronted that same issue and decided to record their own voice lines despite the fact that they had initially rejected that notion due to the amount of work it would require. 

Nevertheless, the Capital Wasteland project is seemingly shut down for good. The team suggested that they would like to turn some of the work they’ve done so far into a new project, but they didn’t elaborate on what that may be. 

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In case you missed the original announcement, the “Capital Wasteland project” has actually been in development for quite some time now, but progress has been quite slow. Not only is the project itself incredibly ambitious, but most of the people who are working on it are doing so in their spare time with no financial compensation. While updates regarding the progress of the project hadn’t been abundant as of late, this latest trailer for Capital Wasteland suggests that the mod was inching towards completion. 

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The video above makes it clear that the team has quite a bit of work to do before Fallout 3 is Fallout 4‘s technological and design equal. However, the similarities are quite remarkable. Fallout 4‘s dialog camerawork, basic interface, gameplay changes, and graphical niceties have all been expertly utilized to recreate one of Fallout 3′s most famous sequences. Actually, it’s entirely possible the final project could achieve “best of both worlds” status. Fallout 3‘s quests, dialog writing, and character building with Fallout 4‘s visuals, interface, and general gameplay fluidity? You can see why people were excited about this. 

As the Capital Wasteland team pointed out, mods of this type have long existed in a “legal gray area” that sometimes prevents them from being made. That being the case, maybe we should just hold out hope that Bethesda will decide to release some HD remakes of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas and just save these hard-working modders the effort.