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The survival genre grows by one as the recently formed THQ Nordic has revealed a new survival game called Fade to Silence

According to the game’s Steam page, Fade to Silence sees players assume the role of a man named Ash who has been thrust into the role of leader following an unidentified apocalyptic event. Said event seems to have turned Ash’s corner of the world into a winter wasteland. It’s up to Ash to ensure that he and his part somehow manage to survive. 

At the point, it seems that the game places much more emphasis on survival than it does on action. While there are enemies in the game (some of which appear to be unnatural) your main goal is to collect the resources needed to keep everyone alive. For instance, gathering wood will allow you to start a fire in your camp, but it can also be used to craft some crude tools and weapons.

You may want to opt for the fire, though, as the cold weather is actually described as Ash’s greatest enemy. It’s not entirely clear how that is going to work at this time, but it seems that there will be some kind of temperature system that will track the effect the cold weather is having on Ash and his companions. Said companions include a team of wolves that can pull Ash around on a sled. 

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As for the combat, it seems to be surprisingly in-depth for this kind of game. Developer THQ Nordic has already emphasized the game’s melee combat system and the way that it will require players to manage several techniques. Of course, you’ll probably need more than a pocketful of skills and a pointy stick to best some of the game’s more intimidating foes. 

Here’s everything else we know about Fade to Silence:

Fade to Silence Release Date

As it stands, Fade to Silence is expected to debut for Steam Early Access on December 14, and it will remain in that state for a period of about eight months. It should then receive a full release in time for August 2018. The game is coming exclusively to PC. 

Fade to Silence Trailer

Here’s the debut trailer for the game: