EX Fighting Layer to Feature Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard

Hey, c'mon, c'mon! The Legendary Hungry Wolf of SNK's fighting games will be making a guest appearance in Arika's new fighter.

Evo 2018 happened over the weekend, and while it wasn’t one of the featured eight games, Arika’s newly-released EX Fighting Layer did get a side tournament of its own. The game is a spinoff/sequel to the Street Fighter EX games of the ’90s, featuring only the original characters from the game like Skullomania and Garuda. Back then, those were the only Street Fighter games with 3D graphics we could get.

Only available digitally, the game has been gradually adding features and characters. This new trailer shows that it will be including old Street Fighter EX names like Pullum Purna and Volcano Rosso. Both characters will be released around the end of August and into September. Area and Sharon also appear to be teased towards the end.

The big news is the teaser at the end, showing that one upcoming DLC character is none other than Terry Bogard from SNK’s Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series.

The Fatal Fury characters have been getting a real workout as guest characters lately. Mai Shiranui appeared in Dead or Alive 5, Geese Howard appeared in Tekken 7, and now we have Terry hanging out in EX Fighting Layer.

Maybe we can get Yamazaki to show up in the next Mortal Kombat? Wolfgang Krauser in Killer Instinct? Kim Kaphwan in any game that will take him?

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There’s also going to be an arcade version of EX Fighting Layer with a limited release in North America. No release date has been set at this time. 

Gavin Jasper is happy to see Skullomania in 2018. Follow Gavin on Twitter!