EVE Online: New Project Nova FPS Spin-off Details

EVE Online is getting a new FPS spin-off codenamed Project Nova. Here's everything we've learned about it at EVE Fanfest 2018...

EVE Online is getting a new first-person shooter spinoff codenamed Project Nova and CCP Games shared a few new details about the game at Fanfest 2018. The spinoff, which was originally announced in 2016, is CCP’s second attempt at an FPS set in the EVE universe after Dust 514, which ran from 2013 to 2016. 

Unlike its predecessor, which was so connected with the main MMORPG that each could directly affect the other, Project Nova will begin as a separate experience set within the same universe of New Eden. CCP explains that it first wants to focus on creating a great FPS experience before connecting the games.

The action in Project Nova will take place within ships and space stations as opposed to planets, although CCP plans to implement planet-based maps after launch. Dust 514 set its battles on several planets in the EVE universe. 

While CCP didn’t go into too much more detail about Project Nova – there isn’t even a proper title for the game yet – the studio did tease that it will have more to share about it in the next few months. 

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Project Nova is being co-developed with Sumo Digital. It’s coming to PC. No news on whether it’ll also be available on consoles.