EVE Online Mobile Game War of Ascension Coming from CCP and PlayRaven

EVE Online is coming to mobile as a new title called War of Ascension!

CCP took the stage at EVE Fanfest 2018 to announce EVE: War of Ascension, a new mobile game set in the EVE Online universe. Originally teased as “Project Aurora,” the mobile title will be published by Kongregate for iOS and Android. The game, which is being co-developed by PlayRaven, will release later this year.

Like the popular PC MMORPG, War of Ascension also tasks players with working together to form alliances and partnerships to dominate the galaxy and become the most powerful corporation in the universe. 

Designed to appeal to both the franchise’s fans as well as more casual players, EVE: War of Ascension features an open world, where players can engage in ways that interest them. True to the EVE universe, the game will allow players to create their own stories, choosing to work cooperatively with other players or to fight them for resources.

As players progress further in the game, they’ll hunt for mysterious relics that unlock new unexplored areas of space. The game will feature weekly events as well as limited-time promotions.

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EVE: War of Ascension is our first mobile game at CCP and we’re so excited to bring the EVE universe to a new and massive audience,” said CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson. “Our goal is to bring our CCP DNA to the mobile market: player-driven content, social interaction, and massive scale collaboration. With great partners like PlayRaven and Kongregate, we’re seeing our vision become a reality.”

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