EVE Online: Invasion Expansion Unleashes a New Enemy on New Eden

EVE Online's Invasion expansion will see an invading race, the Triglavians, bring chaos to New Eden.

Eve Online Invasion Expansion

CCP Games dropped the next EVE Online expansion, Invasion, today. It tasks players with fighting back against a new, powerful faction that’s invading the galaxy of New Eden. 

EVE Online: Invasion brings a thrilling adversary to the known space of New Eden for the first time, thrusting the mysterious Triglavian race to the forefront of the game,” reads CCP Games’ description of the upcoming expansion. “Capsuleers will be challenged to meet the threat head-on, facing new enemy ships, escalating consequences and earning lucrative rewards.”

The focus of Invasion is a “universe-changing event.” Various parts of High-Security space will find themselves populated by the Triglavians, a threat that’s been, until now, hiding out in the Abyssal Deadspace, a deadly and mysterious area of space that was introduced in last year’s Into the Abyss expansion.

The game has been teasing this new Triglavian storyline for the past few months. Players recently discovered giant Triglavian construction sites in the Deadspace, where these new aliens were constructing something massive. It turns out, the Triglavian were building an invasion force. Naturally, this will force players and the many alliances of New Eden to band together to fight back this shared thread. Of course, there’s always the chance that some players will turn this crisis into an opportunity…

Check out the Invasion trailer to see how this will all unfold:

What’s really interesting is the promise of events that will change the “EVE universe forever.” Again, this part of the experience is a little ambiguous at the moment, but it sounds like these invasions might have a permanent impact on the game’s plot (both manufactured and player-made) or perhaps even the design of the galaxy. CCP said that the expansion aims to “bring players back time and again” so that they can be “part of history unfolding.”

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Here’s a video outlining the new features being introduced with this expansion:

Invasion also adds three new Triglavian ships to the game (Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser). On top of that, this expansion will allow you to mod your ship using new loot from the Abyssal Deadspace. While these mods usually make your ship noticeably more powerful, they can also add negative attributes to your modules which cannot be reversed. This risk/reward system should lead to some interesting new ship builds. 

Read the full patch notes here.

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