Epic Store Acquires Detroit: Become Human, The Outer Worlds, and More Exclusives

The Epic Store just acquired a huge batch of major games that includes Quantic Dream titles.

Epic Store Exclusives Outer Worlds

The Epic Store scored some huge games recently as it has been confirmed that Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, The Outer Worlds, Control, The Sinking City, and more will all release exclusively on the Epic Store and skip Steam.

This is quite a bit to break down, so let’s start with the fact that Quantic Dream has surprisingly decided to bring three games that were previously exclusive to the PS4 to the PC via the Epic Store. There had been some rumblings that Quantic Dream might explore the option of porting their games to other platforms, but it’s a little surprising to see them come to PC so quickly and to skip Steam. Actually, we assume that they will come to PC relatively quickly, but nobody has confirmed when these titles will be released for PC at this time.

It’s arguably even a little more surprising to learn that The Outer Worlds and Control will come to the Epic Store. These are two games that we just assumed would have come out on Steam due to both the nature of the titles and the developers’ apparent interests in reaching as wide of an audience as possible. The Outer Worlds is positioning itself to be something of a cure for the common Fallout game, and Remedy’s Control is coming from a developer who was seemingly interested in reaching as wide of an audience as possible (they’re no longer an Xbox exclusive developer).

The other titles that Epic acquired (which include the very promising The Sinking City, Afterparty, and Industries of Titan) may be a little less high-profile but are all interesting games in their own right.

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Epic has also recently confirmed that these titles will be available via the Humble Store and that they will continue to be the exclusive PC source for Ubisoft titles. However, it hasn’t been confirmed which upcoming Ubisoft titles will be part of that arrangement. 

Regardless of the specifics, Epic continues to turn the Epic Store into a viable competitor for Steam. While their decision to do so has been considered to be consumer unfriendly by some who feel these exclusives actually leave gamers with fewer options, between this and Google’s Stadia service, it’s clear that the nature of PC gaming is evolving once more. 

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