EmuVR Allows You To Live in the Ultimate ’90s Bedroom

Video games, magazines, and more nostalgia than the human mind can possibly endure.

A new project called EmuVR allows players to forever live in the ’90s bedroom of their dreams

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EmuVR places players in a small suburban home that is fully-equipped with multiple video game consoles, several arcade cabinets, loads of televisions, and an impressive collection of ’90s games. The idea is that it is the home that many children of the ’90s would have loved to live in. 

What does that mean, exactly? Well, for instance, EmuVR will scan your computer for any ROM files of old-school games you might have in your folders. It can then create a virtual image of the game’s physical disc and an in-game recreation of the title that you can play via VR controllers. You can do the same for arcade games, and the project’s developers are even planning to add DOS and Windows 95 emulations to the final experience. You’ll even be able to play these games on old-school televisions or a cinema projector. 

That’s really just the tip of this project’s nostalgic offerings, though. It will also feature a television that will ideally stream nothing but classic ’80s and ’90s content (films, shows, and cartoons). The EmuVR team even wishes to allow players to watch this stream with their friends in real time. Additionally, you’ll be able to flip through old video game magazines, customize your room with posters, and perhaps even make modifications to the home itself. There’s a plan in place to develop a recreation of classic E3 venues that the player can explore, as well.

Basically, the EmuVR development team wants to turn this program into the ultimate nostalgic social space. This is an idea that has been presented elsewhere, but few other programs have ever endeavored to recreate this specific experience in such detail.

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There is no release date available for EmuVR, but the development team plans on releasing it as a free program. However, they are accepting any donations people wish to make towards its development.