Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Teases Skyrim Update

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon take a trip to Skyrim. Here's what we know:

Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim

It looks like Elder Scrolls Online will soon be visiting the land of Skyrim.

At least that’s the impression we got from a new trailer for the MMO that aired during last night’s Game Awards. The end of that preview showed a familiar figure overlooking what seemed to be Skryim while some memorable music played. We then saw some on-screen text that promised to allow us to “Explore the Dark Heart of Skyrim” and then teased a global reveal event that will take place on January 16, 2020. 

It’s obvious that we’ll be getting a Skyrim-related reveal at that time, but questions still remain as to what that reveal will be. While the most popular theory suggests a Skyrim-themed expansion, it’s also been hinted that this actually be a significant in-game event based on the legendary RPG. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that The Elder Scrolls Online has invoked the name of one of the major single-player titles to draw some attention. We previously saw a Morrowind-themed expansion for the game that generated quite a bit of hype, and we fully expect this Skyrim content to draw some extra eyes to the long-running MMO.

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Then again, the recently mostly shuttered CCG title Elder Scrolls Legends proved that there’s only so far you can go with the Elder Scrolls brand. We still think that The Elder Scrolls VI is going to be a huge deal whenever it is released, but we are starting to wonder how much life is left in the Skyrim name. We suppose that we may soon find out.

We’ll bring you more information on this Elder Scrolls Online update as it becomes available. 

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