Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda Knows the Game’s Setting

Bethesda knows where the next Elder Scrolls game is set. The answer is right in the teaser trailer!

Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard says that the studio knows exactly where the next Elder Scrolls game will be set, but he’s not ready to tell anyone else. 

“The first thing we do is the world so we’ve known for a while where it’s set,” said Howard in an interview with Eurogamer. He went on to say that the region of The Elder Scrolls VI was decided a while ago. Howard also said that it’s possible that fans could tell where the next Elder Scrolls game will be set based on the teaser trailer, but that it won’t be obvious to most people. 

“I obviously would say yes,” said Howard in regards to whether fans would be able to identify the region from the trailer. “but you can’t – it’s intentionally… You can rule some things out. And you can rule some things in.

Eurogamer tried to ask whether or not the game is set in Hammerfell – a largely arid region that is the most popular guess regarding where the next Elder Scrolls will be set – but Howard refused to take the bait. 

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As for why Bethesda revealed The Elder Scrolls VI so far ahead of its possible release date, Howard said that it really came down to a desire to let fans know that they are working on games that people love and to take some of the pressure off members of the studio. 

We’re going to E3 and showing a new Fallout game [Fallout 76] which is very different than we usually do, and then we’re going to show you an Elder Scrolls game [Blades – the mobile game] that is very different than we would usually do, and if we leave it just at that, our fans are like, ‘… – Are you still going to do the things I love?” said Howard. “It’s better to say we’re making it. It makes life a little bit easier for us. [If we didn’t say anything] they would be disappointed and they’d still ask ‘What about Starfield?’ and ‘What about THe Elder Scrolls VI?’. But it’s also exciting! We’re excited; we want to share it with everybody.”

Of course, Howard noted that it might be a while before we actually get to play The Elder Scrolls VI or even see more of it. In other words, try not to pressure the team too much.