EA Will Focus on Apex Legends Over Battlefield in 2020

Apex Legends' success may have helped EA decide to delay the release of the next Battlefield until 2022.

Apex Legends EA Battlefield

In a recent earnings release, EA CEO Andrew Wilson shed a little light on the future of Apex Legends, Battlefield, and perhaps even the Titanfall series. 

The story here really seems to focus on the success of Apex Legends, though. EA has confirmed that Apex Legends has attracted 70 million players thus far. While that obviously doesn’t represent the number of active players, it does represent just how successful the game has been thus far and why EA is feeling pretty optimistic about the game’s future.

In fact, the studio is apparently so optimistic about the game’s future that Andrew Wilson has stated that Apex Legends developer Respawn will remain “hyper-focused” on the battle royale title. This also seemingly means that the studio won’t soon be releasing Titanfall 3, but EA CFO Blake Jorgensen says that they “won’t forget” about the Titanfall franchise

The success of Apex Legends may have also impacted the future of Battlefield as EA has confirmed that there will be no new Battlefield game released in 2020. In fact, it doesn’t sound like we should expect to see a new Battlefield game until 2022. Again, some of that can be attributed to the idea that Apex is EA’s annual shooter series of choice at the moment, but Wilson also noted that he’d like to see the install base for next-gen consoles grow before EA Dice releases a new Battlefield game. 

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So far as Battlefield 6 goes, EA has also suggested that the game will incorporate more live service elements. Again, that directive is seemingly inspired by the massive revenue figures that live service EA titles like Madden and FIFA have generated over the past year. We don’t know exactly what this means for Battlefield, but it would seem that the next Battlefield title may be quite a bit different from what came before. 

Long story short, it sounds like microtransactions are still working out relatively well for EA and you shouldn’t expect them to deliver any notably innovative content in the near future. Yay.

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