E3 2019: How to Get a Nintendo Warp Pipe Pass

Want to skip the lines at E3 2019? Here's what you need to know about the Nintendo Warp Pipe Pass.

E3 2019 Nintendo Warp Pipe Pass

Nintendo is offering a special Warp Pipe Pass for E3 2019 attendees designed to help cut down on the amount of time that you’ll have to wait in line to play the latest Nintendo games. 

A Warp Pipe Pass will allow you to reserve a time and date to play some of Nintendo’s biggest new games. Passes are limited to one game per day, which means that if Nintendo finds that you’ve reserved multiple passes a day to play something like Animal Crossing more than once, they will cancel all but one of the passes. However, it does sound like you will be able to reserve multiple passes for multiple games. 

This pass will also grant you access to a special stand-by line available for each game for those who don’t want to (or are unable to) make an appointment. It’s not entirely clear how priority access via these lines will work, but the implication certainly seems to be that Warp Pipe Pass holders will not have to wait nearly as long in these lines as they would in the main line for each game. Having said that, you won’t need a Warp Pipe Pass to play these games. It’s also worth noting that this pass does not get you into E3. You’ll need to purchase one of those tickets separately.

So how do you get a Warp Pipe Pass? Well, you’ll first need your own Nintendo Account. These accounts are free, but Nintendo emphasizes that you’ll need to have your own as someone else cannot register for you just as you cannot register for someone else. The Warp Pipe Passes are also free, but there will be a limited number of them available per day and per game. 

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It does not appear that Nintendo is currently accepting Warp Pipe Pass applications. However, you can read the full Warp Pipe Pass Rules via the Nintendo website. We’d also advise you to keep an eye on that site for when registration does open

Nintendo should be very busy at E3 2019. They’ve already stated that they’ll showcase more of Animal Crossing, and you can bet that they’ll be showing more of Pokemon Sword and Shield. You should also keep an eye out for Metroid Prime 4, Mario Maker 2, and the Link’s Awakening remake

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