E3 2018 Live Stream and Complete Conference Schedule

E3 2018 has arrived! Make sure to watch our E3 2018 live stream to catch all of the big announcements and surprises!

E3 2018 will be a bit different from previous years as more major publishers are hosting their press conferences during the weekend before the main show. You’ll want to be sure to stay tuned a little earlier than usual, then, as studios like EA, Bethesda, and Microsoft kick off E3 on Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, the best way to know what games are going to show up at E3 is to actually follow the show as it happens. You can watch all of the press conferences and big announcements below:

E3 2018 Live Stream – Tuesday

Nintendo: 12:00 pm ET

While the usual series of leaks and rumors have preceded this year’s E3, the truth is that we aren’t entirely sure what to expect from the industry’s major players. You can expect to see more of The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Spider-Man from Sony as well as Rage 2 and Fallout 76 from Bethesda. Nintendo will likely unveil gameplay from Metroid Prime 4 and perhaps even say more about the upcoming Yoshi game for the Switch. Microsoft’s biggest announcement could be Gears of War 5 if a leak from Walmart is correct. EA will show up guns blazing with the new BioWare RPG, Anthem, as well as Battlefield V. Might we also see a new Star Wars game? Ubisoft will bring Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to the show and maybe even the rumored Splinter Cell game.

You can follow all of our E3 2018 updates right here!

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