E3 2017 Will Be Open to the Public

This year's event may be slightly crazier than ever before.

For the first time ever, E3 will be open to large sections of the general public. 

This news comes to us courtesy of a report from Gamespot who have learned that the organizers behind the largest gaming convention in the world – the ESA – have decided to open the doors of E3 2017 to the public. While the event has grown over the years to include more and more industry professionals and E3’s promoters have previously offered a limited run of tickets to the general public, E3 2017 figures to host the most public attendees in event history. 

There are a couple of catches, however. First off, there will only be 15,000 tickets made available to the general public. These tickets will go on sale through the E3 website on February 13th and will sell for $250 (or $150 for those able to catch the early bird special available on the 13th). The details regarding what level of access the public attendees will have are set to be revealed soon, but it stands to reason that it may be limited to the show floor and limited room in certain conferences. 

It’s also possible that there will be special events set up designed specifically for public attendees, although those are not confirmed at this time. 

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So why the sudden change in policy? Well, it’s really not all that sudden. As E3 continues to grow ever since the event’s resurgence, more and more people within the industry and within the gaming community have been calling for it to become a public event. The ESA experimented with the idea last year by setting up a separate section of E3 that was publically accessible, but this year, they seem to have bowed to the requests from studios like EA who have been leading the charge for someone to open E3’s doors up to a wider audience.

According to ESA senior VP of communications Rich Taylor, E3’s promoters hope that this new format will allow the event to continue to evolve as well as help to ensure that the exhibitors on the show floor are able to interact directly with consumers. 

“I think asking, ‘How can we improve?’ ‘Where are video games headed?’ ‘How do we connect with fans?’ are all healthy questions, and that helps ensure E3 stays current and meets exhibitors’ needs,” said Taylor regarding the decision.