Dr. Mario World Mobile Game Coming in July

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Dr. Mario World Mobile Game News

Nintendo is gearing up to launch Dr. Mario World on mobile devices this July. The company announced the news with a trailer and a brand new website dedicated to the game. It’s worth noting this is a new title rather than a remake of 1990’s Dr. Mario.

The site describes Dr. Mario World thusly: “Use your puzzle skills to eliminate pesky viruses! Match capsules with viruses and watch them disappear! Simply match three objects of the same color vertically or horizontally to clear them. Take your time, because each puzzling stage’s configuration of viruses must be cleared using a limited number of capsules.”

This is a free-to-start match-three game, then, and Nintendo has confirmed that Dr. Mario World will have the “optional in-game purchases” that are synonymous with this genre.

Here’s the Dr. Mario World trailer…

Nintendo revealed that the game will have “hundreds of stages over many different worlds [that] need saving, with new worlds coming on a regular basis!” Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and Bowser have all been glimpsed in lab coats, giving you a clue as to which iconic characters will appear in the game.

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Dr. Mario World will also allow you to “play together with friends and family around the world,” the official website tells us. You can “send and receive stamina-giving hearts to use in stage mode” and also “show off your puzzle-solving progress.” And in the game’s versus mode, “you can challenge others to a one-on-one showdown!”

The Dr. Mario World release date has been set for July 10. The game will launch on iOS and Android devices. Pre-registration for the game is open now through the Dr. Mario World website.

Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming has certainly been interesting thus far. Nobody can deny the success of Pokemon GO, but outside of that, things have been a bit more hit and miss. It’s not entirely clear just how successful Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are, but Super Mario Run and Miitomo seem to have fallen short of the company’s expectations. The company certainly hopes that Dr. Mario World and the recently delayed Mario Kart Tour will perform better.

In any case, Nintendo’s new president has made it clear that he’s interested in venturing further into the world of mobile titles, so don’t expect these games to go anywhere anytime soon.