Dota 2 eSports: Schedule, Standings, Format, and Everything Else We Know

The world's richest eSports competition has begun. Here's your guide to the action.

Dota 2 has long been one of competitive gaming’s most fascinating scenes. In some ways, its success in the realm of competitive gaming felt like the game’s birthright. As the successor to the popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients, Dota 2 launched with a fanbase eager to get in on the competitive action. In order to satiate their desires, Valve invited some of the best Defense of the Ancients teams in the world to compete in a 2011 Dota 2 tournament that offered a $1 million prize pool. 

From there, the Dota 2 competitive scene has only continued to grow. What began as an invite-only tournament has blossomed into a competitive season that demands the best from some truly talented teams across the world. They’re competing for glory, honor, and the right to be called the best, but they’re also competing for a silly amount of money. Dota 2‘s 2017 International tournament boasted a prize pool of $24,687,919 – the largest of its kind in eSports history. 

Look beyond the cash prizes and the sold-out stadiums of fans that the game’s biggest matches attract and you’ll find that Dota 2 is ultimately a great MOBA that demands perfect teamwork, a flawless strategy, and incredible individual play. There’s a reason this game was launched with a legacy of top-tier competitive gaming to live up to. 

Here’s what you need to know about Dota 2‘s 2018 competitive scene:

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Dota 2 International 8 Format

The major change to Dota 2‘s 2018 competitive season is Valve’s decision to abandon the single-tournament format in favor of several tournaments throughout the year that will award competitive points. Those points will then be used to determine who is invited to the championship tournament, The International 8. 

The way this works is quite simple. Throughout the course of the 2017-2018 competitive season, there will be 16 Minors tournaments and 10 Majors tournaments. Minors will award 300 competitive points across the top four teams. Majors will reward an astounding 1,500 points across the same size of winners. First place teams get 50% of the points, second place gets 30%, and third and fourth place walk away with 10%. Tournaments that differentiate between third and fourth place will see the third-place team get 15% and the fourth place team gets 5%.

The eight teams invited to The International 8 will be determined by which teams have the most points among their top three players. Other teams can then make it to the big tournament via regional qualifier competitions. 

Dota 2 International 8 Prize Pool

Considering that Dota 2‘s International prize pool is determined by community contributions and official donations from Valve and other organizers, we don’t currently know just how rich this year’s prize will be. However, The International’s final prize pool has only grown since 2014. That mean’s this year’s total earnings could very well exceed $25 million. 

Dota 2 International 8 Live Stream

You can watch the most important matches of the Dota 2 competitive season by checking out our live stream post.

Dota 2 International 8 Tickets & Venue

Valve has announced that The International 8 will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia at the Rogers Arena. This is the first International to be held in Canada. 

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“Tickets sales begin on Friday, March 23 at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM PDT, with two ticket types available,” reads a post on the Dota 2 website. “The Midweek ticket—available for $125 CAD—will grant attendance to the first four days of the event, August 20th – 23rd. The Finals ticket—available for $250 CAD—will grant access to the last two days, August 24th and 25th.”

Tickets will be sold via Ticketmaster at the aforementioned times. 

Dota 2 International 8 Tournament Schedule

Here are the remaining tournaments for the 2017-2018 competitive season:

Majors Tournaments

PGL; name TBD: June 4-10

Dota 2 International 8 Standings

1 – 10347 2 2 PSG.LGD – 73323 Team Liquid – 70954 Team Secret – 4800 5 Mineski – 3150 6 Vici Gaming – 2835 7 Newbee – 2445 8 VGJ.Thunder – 1935 

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