Doomfist Finally Joins Overwatch’s Roster

Fans of fast and mobile heroes may just have found their new Overwatch main.

Doomfist, the Overwatch villain casually mentioned in the game’s very first trailer, has finally been added to Overwatch as the online shooter’s 25th playable hero.

While that beautiful anime-style trailer does an excellent job of introducing you to who Doomfist is in relation to Overwatch‘s mythology, in order to really appreciate what the character adds to the game, you need to hop on Overwatch‘s Public Test Realm servers and try him out for yourself

Those that have managed to secure a place on the jam-packed Overwatch PTR server queue have sent reports from the field that Doomfist is an offense hero who is capable of shooting a small projectile blast but primarily functions as a melee attack character. 

This attribute will immediately cause Overwatch fans to think of Reinhardt, as will the news that Doomfist can perform a charge attack capable of dealing great damage to pinned opponents. However, Doomfist is far, far different from Reinhardt in just about every other respect. 

Actually, the first thing you need to know about Doomfist is that he’s incredibly mobile. Early tests from Overwatch‘s top players suggest that he’s almost as mobile as Genji. While Doomfist is fairly fast when he’s not utilizing any of his abilities, his charge and uppercut attacks allow him to reach far away areas of the map as quickly as Overwatch‘s fastest characters. 

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More than just a mode of transportation, these abilities are incredibly useful in combat as well. The uppercut can send people flying and make them vulnerable to combo attacks, while Doomfist’s charge seems capable of one-shotting many heroes if you pin them against a wall quickly enough. Doomfist also comes equipped with a seismic slam that can draw enemies closer towards him for a follow-up attack.

It’s also well worth noting that Doomfist gains armor from successful attacks which is particularly useful considering that he only starts with 200 base health. 

Doomfist’s ultimate is a devastating maneuver called Meteor Strike which allows him to jump in the air and slam his fist into the ground causing massive damage to anyone caught up in the attack’s radius. The downside of this ability is that Doomfist’s landing is quite slow and the character calls out the attack well in advance. 

Seagull, one of the top Overwatch players in the world, has already stated that Doomfist has the potential to be the most powerful character in the game. Of course, it’s a bit too early to start making such claims with absolute certainty. 

There’s no word on when Doomfist will be added to the game’s main servers or Overwatch‘s console versions. If he follows the pattern of previous Overwatch character releases, however, Doomfist should be available to all within the next few weeks. 

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