Dialogue 3-D Parodies the Ethics of Anti-Nazi Violence

To punch or not to punch....

Until recently, the subject of punching Nazis was usually relegated to Allied WW II training camps and recaps of Indiana Jones movies. However, certain events in America have inspired people to start asking a question that rarely ever came up before. 

“Is it ok to punch Nazis?”

While video games have historically taken a pro-Nazi punching (and shooting, and stabbing, and burning, and…) stance on the subject, one new mod to a classic Nazi shooter dares to be different by – humorously – examing this emerging moral quandary. 

Dialogue 3-D is a free-to-play Wolfenstein 3D parody made by Ramsey Nasser. It’s a pretty familiar retelling of the id Software classic, but it does feature one key difference. Whenever you go to attack a Nazi in this game, a dialog box appears that requires you to answer a morality-based question regarding what you are about to do such as, “Wait, is it okay to shoot Nazis?” If you’re able to answer the question in time, you attack. If not, you’re going to get shot. 

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Without diving into the complicated web of political pratfalls this particular mod may or may not be addressing, the game itself is a fairly clever take on the hot subject that must be commended for its humorous approach to a subject that has only recently entered the public consciousness as a potentially controversial topic. Dialogue 3-D recreates the frustration of having to deal with a system pop-up mid-game beautifully and confirms that while the Nazi-punching topic may continue to be a source of debate for some time to come, when it comes to video games, you should always elect to harm Nazis without hesitation.