Diablo’s Original Creator Likes What Diablo III Became

Despite some stumbles at the start, David Brevik says that Blizzard eventually got it right.

Diablo III creator David Brevik recently sat down with IGN and shared some of his thoughts on Diablo III. Unsurprisingly, they were mostly positive. 

“I think that Diablo III ended up being a great game, especially after the expansion,” said Brevik. “I thought that they added a lot of really great stuff to it that fleshed it out and made it a much better game than I thought that it was at launch.”

That’s a sentiment that most Diablo III fans will probably agree with. You may recall that Diablo III attracted quite a bit of controversy upon its 2012 release. Many of those complaints were related to the game’s extreme technical issues – its DRM system led to online crashes locking out the game’s single-player mode – but there were some fans that felt the series had strayed too far from its darker roots. The expansion that Brevik references – Reaper of Souls – helped address the latter issue by serving as a classic dungeon crawler experience that echoed the aesthetics of the first two Diablo games. 

According to Brevik, the version of Diablo III that he worked on actually bore a closer resemblance to the original Diablo titles.

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“Our art style up north was different than the art style from the guys down [at Blizzard South],” said Brevik. “In a lot of ways it was much more like Diablo II-looking than it was what Diablo III ended up looking like.” 

That’s quite interesting to hear considering that there’s some mystery surrounding the version of Diablo that Brevik worked on. We know that the game went through some design revisions before Blizzard stumbled on something they liked, but the details of those revisions – as well as Brevik’s role in their development – haven’t been made entirely clear. 

If for any reason you haven’t yet played Diablo III, we can assure you that the updates Blizzard made to the game brings it closer to the masterpiece status its predecessors enjoy.