Diablo 4: Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know

Diablo 4 is real. Here's everything you need to know:

Diablo 4 Leak Rumor

Diablo 4 has officially been confirmed at Blizzcon 2019. 

The opening trailer for the game shows adventurers wandering into a dark and ominous dungeon. At the end of their journey, they come to a room of sacrifice where we watch the torturously slow calling of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred. It’s a stunning trailer that represents why Blizzard is still considered to be one of the absolute best when it comes to creating compelling cinematics. 

As previously rumored, Diablo 4 is going to be a much darker and grittier game than what we saw in Diablo 3. The game’s designers have already spoken about how it will feature more of the hardcore gothic horror elements featured in the first two Diablo titles. The first Diablo 4 gameplay trailer only confirms the return to that hardcore aesthetic. 

Diablo 4‘s new looks aren’t just about satisfying some franchise fans’ bloodlust, though. Based on what we’ve heard so far, Diablo 4 should be a much tougher game than Diablo 3 was. How, exactly, it will achieve that is up for some debate, but if it follows the design of Diablo 2, you should expect individual enemies to be much more dangerous and for abilities to afford you fewer opportunities to AOE your way through dungeons (at least until the end game). In short, it sounds like Diablo 4 will be more of a grind (in a potentially good way). 

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Further Diablo 4 details reveal that the Sorceress, Druid, and Barbarian classes will all be selectable in the game. We should see more classes added to the game at some point, but those classes haven’t been confirmed at this time. It also sounds like this Diablo will emphasize slightly larger levels that you’re encouraged to explore for either PvE or PvP purposes. It will all culminate in what Blizzard promises will be a dark journey into Hell. 

It’s hardly a surprise that we’re getting a new Diablo game considering that we’ve seen job postings related to the project, and the fallout from the reveal of Diablo Immortal suggested Blizzard is ready to restore faith in the Diablo name. 

Naturally, we’re excited by the idea of a proper new Diablo experience. We’ve previously named Diablo one of the most important PC games ever made and spoke about how its gameplay helped revolutionize the RPG genre. We can’t wait to see how this upcoming game expands upon the series’ fascinating mythology

Here’s everything else we know about Diablo 4:

Diablo 4 Release Date

Diablo 4 doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but it will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and (of course) PC. 

Diablo 4 Trailer

Here’s the first Diablo 4 cinematic trailer, and wow, is it beautiful: 

There’s also a gameplay trailer for Diablo 4 which showcases the sequel’s wonderful action:

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