Diablo 4 Beta: Best Builds For Early Access Players

So much of Diablo 4 is still being discovered, but here are some of the best early builds that have stood apart from the Early Access pack.

Diablo 4 Beta Builds
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Much of the fun in Diablo 4 comes from trying different builds and watching your character grow, though the limited nature of the game’s beta does hinder that experience somewhat. Even across the Early Access and Open betas, many players just won’t have a lot of time to really experiment with all the possibilities. As such, it makes sense that Early Access players are looking for a little help finding some of the best builds in the game.

Before we dive into all that, though, here are a few things you should know about this guide:

– We’re in the earliest days of the Diablo 4 experience, so this guide is limited by what knowledge is currently available from experiments, previews, and skill databases. Much of this information will change once the Early Access beta is finished.

– This guide primarily focuses on solo builds since that’s how many people may have to experience the beta until things open up a bit. For co-op players, be sure to always synergize with your partners. If they offer massive single-target damage, you might need to bring more AoE to the party. If you can turn a flexible skill slot into a party buff ability, it might be a good idea to pick that ability up.

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– Due to the limited nature of the Early Access beta and our current knowledge of it, this guide will primarily focus on Skills and Stats rather than recommended gear and other high-level upgrades that are not currently available. Future versions of this article will feature much more information regarding those aspects of the game.

– Finally, the massive size of Diablo 4‘s skill trees makes it difficult to simply include a picture of the final build. Instead, we’ll be sharing links to a build calculator that showcases the Level 25 versions of each build. Hopefully, more resources will become available in the future that will make it easier to share all of this information.

With that out of the way, here’s a little build info that should help you kickstart your Diablo 4 Early Access beta experience.

Diablo 4 Beta: Best Barbarian Build – Whirlwind Warrior

Barbarian Build Level 25 Skill Tree

Priority Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Willpower

This is a very aggressive Barbarian build that emphasizes the class’ powerful Whirlwind ability. 

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Since most of the fights in the Diablo 4 beta require you to work your way through groups of lesser enemies as quickly as possible, Whirlwind proves to be one of the Barbarian’s best friends. As the name suggests, Whirlwind spins your character around quickly as they deal weapon damage to anything unfortunate enough to get caught in their way. It’s an incredibly powerful AoE ability that unfortunately happens to drain your Fury gauge pretty quickly. 

That’s why the rest of this build is designed to compensate for that notable shortcoming as much as possible. For instance, Frenzy is a great Fury generator that also synergizes nicely with this build’s aggressive playstyle. Meanwhile, the Enhance Whirlwind trait allows you to generate additional Fury while you’re using Whirlwind, which really does help you preserve quite a bit of Fury over a long enough period of time (especially against larger groups of enemies).

Death Blow is the other big piece of this build. That incredible ability not only deals massive damage to the enemies in front of you but it resets its own cooldown whenever it kills an enemy (which will be often). Enhanced Death Blow, meanwhile, does 100% extra damage against bosses, which makes it your main tool in those fights as well as the skill that helps compensate for the rest of our AoE-focused abilities.

Iron Skin is the only Defensive ability that this build utilizes. It’s actually quite useful for those times when you need to get into the thick of a large pack of enemies, but you’re really just picking it up to move to the Brawling tree. 

Brawling features a few fascinating abilities. Leap is an essential part of this build due to both the ways it increases your overall traversal speed and the fact that the Power Leap ability grants a whopping 40 Fury every time it damages an enemy. I also love Charge as a “get back” spell that synergizes with our aggressive playstyle, but Kick is a viable alternative. Meanwhile, Aggressive Resistance and Battle Fervor just synergize so well with everything you’re trying to do. 

Wrath of the Berserker is the obvious Ultimate choice for this kind of build, and it truly lives up to its “ultimate” billing. This ability greatly enhances both your overall Fury generation and your Berserking uptime. It simply makes everything you’re already trying to do with this build significantly better. 

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Speaking of which, most of the other skills in this build are there due to their synergy with our aggressive playstyle. However, they’re definitely more of the flex spots and can be altered if you’d like to experiment with some other possibilities. Just be sure to upgrade Whirlwind as soon as possible as it is the heart of everything you’re trying to do.

Diablo 4 Beta Best Rogue Build – Poisonous Archer

Rogue Build Level 25 Skill Tree

Primary Stats: Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence

Much like the Barbarian build, this Rogue build is designed to help you melt through the many groups of lesser enemies that you’ll encounter across the beta. Unlike the Barbarian, though, the Rouge’s best AoE abilities are unlocked via the class’ surprisingly powerful ranged attack skills. Actually, you could just think of this as a classic “ranger build,” and you wouldn’t be far off. 

Forceful Arrow and Barrage are the hearts of this build. Forceful Arrow is a basic ranged attack that gets a little more powerful with each subsequent shot. However, it’s mostly there to feed resources into Rogue’s powerful Barrage ability. Barrage unleashes a wide spread of arrows that can then ricochet off of nearby enemies. Even better, both it and Forceful Arrow have a high chance of making the enemy vulnerable for a prolonged period of time. You’ll want to max out Barrage and acquire its upgrades as soon as possible. 

The basic idea is to use Forceful Arrow a few times to build the resources needed to power up your Barrage ability. Fire off a few Barrage attacks (at most) and you’ll melt through most groups of enemies in the game wiht little trouble. It’s a lot of fun and incredibly effective for solo play. 

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Single targets are where things get tough. Shadow Step is useful for getting out of tough situations in a boss fight (while dealing some damage along the way), but it’s the Poison abilities found in the Imbument tree that end up doing most of the solo work. Not only will all that poison help you wear down a boss over time while maintaining your distance, but the Blended Poison Imbutment ability greatly increases your overall critical damage against single targets. These abilities also work well when you’re trying to take down an elite amongst a pack of lesser enemies. 

Concealment may not sound like the best Subterfuge ability for this build, but its upgrades are actually quite useful for ranged attacks. Enhanced Concealment makes it much easier to open fights with a Barrage attack, while Countering Concealment allows you to unleash devastating critical AoE blows before enemies can do anything to stop you. Exploit is also a very pickup from this tree, though it’s hard to justify running it with the beta’s current level cap. 

Finally, Shadow Clone is our chosen ultimate ability largely out of necessity. Rain of Arrows may seem like the obvious choice, but the fact of the matter is that we really don’t need a lot of extra AoE help. Since Death Trap isn’t the game-changing boss damage ability this build is sometimes looking for, we’re instead going to roll with Shadow Clone, summon a few helpers, and deal more of the damage that this build already excels at dealing. It’s also pretty good in boss fights or any other time you need to inflict as much poison as possible as quickly as possible. 

If you are having trouble during boss fights, consider swapping Forceful Arrow for Heartseeker and the Enhanced Heartseeker and Fundamental Heartseeker upgrades. It gives you a little more consistent single-target Critical Strike damage without impacting your most important AoE abilities too greatly. Ultimately, though, you should this is meant to be an AoE build.

Diablo 4 Beta Best Sorcerer Build – The Ice Age

Sorcerer Build Level 25 Skill Tree

Primary Stats: Willpower, Intelligence, Strength (for armor gains)

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To be honest, Fire Sorcerers will probably do more raw damage than any other Sorcerer builds in the game at the moment. If you want to lean into this class’ glass cannon nature by doing as much damage as possible without worrying about defenses or mana generation, go for Fire. If you want something that offers a little more survivability and is still a ton of fun to play, try this Frost build. 

Frost Bolt is the obvious starting attack for this build, but it’s actually powerful for reasons that go beyond necessity. Actually, its enhancements occasionally turn the basic Frost Bolt into a surprisingly useful AoE attack while applying the Vulnerability debuff this build will often rely on. 

Ice Shards and Frozen Orb offer equally viable AoE options, but I’m rolling with Frozen Orb in this build. Its single-target damage is a bit more consistent, and its upgrades synergize well with the mana generation skills that we’re choosing elsewhere. It’s a great overall ability that takes a little getting used to.

However, the heart of this build is actually the Defensive tree. Frost Nova is a hilariously strong AoE tool that helps you regenerate mana while proccing the instant “Frozen” status that synergizes with pretty much every other ability we’re running. Teleport may seem like an odd choice for this kind of build, but it’s actually a very powerful overall ability that offers enhanced mobility and quite a bit of extra damage. You can wait to pick it up, though. 

Meanwhile, Ice Armor is just the nuts. It regenerates your mana, offers a strong shield that is further enhanced by the damage you do (with the right upgrades), and it has a chance to freeze enemies who dare attack you. In other words, it’s a single skill that makes up for nearly all of this class’ biggest weaknesses and synergies with our other ice abilities. Pick it up ASAP. 

Ice Blades is actually a very nice ability for single-targets and bosses. If you can get it to proc the Vulnerability status (or if it hits an enemy that is already Vulnerable from one of your other abilities), it will not only deal extra damage but reduce the cooldown of all your other abilities. It’s a pretty obvious pickup at this point in the game. 

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Blizzard is my current choice for the Mastery tree in this build, though it’s a tough call between that or Icy Veil/Snap Freeze. Blizzard is ultimately a very powerful AoE ability that is hard to ignore in a build like this, though you may find that Icy Veil and Snap Freeze offer slightly more consistent benefits. If you’re not hurting for AoE damage, consider making the swap. 

Finally, there is the blessing from the heavens Ultimate known as Deep Freeze. This incredible ability grants you four seconds of immunity while dealing both damage and Chill effect status to everything around you. Oh, and it deals additional damage when the effect expires. It’s just a fantastic Ultimate. 

Again, Fire is the more obvious DPS choice for aspiring Sorcerers, but the resource-intensive nature of many early Fire spells can be an issue. This Ice Build offers a fantastic way to help aspiring Sorcerer players survive and thrive in the beta (assuming the beta itself doesn’t freeze on you, that is).