Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch Port Release Date

Devil May Cry is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch

Capcom has revealed that the original Devil May Cry is being ported to the Nintendo Switch. 

The reveal came in the form of a surprising tweet which confirms that 2001’s Devil May Cry is coming to Nintendo’s console sometime this summer. Unfortunately, Capcom doesn’t share any footage or screenshots of this port. Actually, we don’t know much about this game at all at this time. 

What we do know is that you should probably be excited about this port. Devil May Cry is a revolutionary video game that never quite seems to get all of the respect that it deserves. Actually, Devil May Cry reportedly began its life as Resident Evil 4. However, the game’s designers inspired to create a more action-heavy title that required them to abandon Resident Evil‘s infamous control scheme, dynamic camera system, and other trademark elements. 

The result of their deviations is what many consider to be one of the pioneers of the true 3D action games. Devil May Cry‘s up-tempo battles (which were partially inspired by a glitch in Onimusha: Warlords) and combo-based scoring system created the template for what would eventually be known as the Extreme Combat genre. While Devil May Cry obviously influenced games like God of War and the Ninja Gaiden Xbox reboot, just about any 3D action game released after Devil May Cry owes something to its innovations. 

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We highly doubt that the Nintendo Switch will struggle to run Devil May Cry, but it will be interesting to see what improvements this version of the game enjoys. It will also be interesting to see if Capcom brings other Devil May Cry games to the Switch. 

Speaking of other Devil May Cry games, Capcom has certainly wasted no time in living up to their promise of revisiting some of the best games in their back catalog. Not only did they finally release the Resident Evil 2 remake and a remaster of Onimusha, but Capcom has even started teasing a Resident Evil 3 remake

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