Devil May Cry 5 Includes Mega Man’s Iconic Mega Buster

Devil May Cry 5's Deluxe Edition features an incredible Mega Man reference.

Mega Man‘s famous Mega Blaster is being added to Devil May Cry 5‘s Deluxe Edition. 

In a TGS 2018 trailer, Capcom showcased Nero using the Mega Buster. Additional information reveals that the Mega Buster will be limited to the Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5, meaning that retail version owners are going to have to settle for the game’s standard collection of amazing, stylish weapons. Nostalgia purposes aside, it looks like the Mega Buster will be a particularly effective weapon that allows Nero to dispose of enemies from a reasonable distance. 

Speaking of nostalgia, the Mega Buster trailer features scenes of Nero traversing a 2D landscape and enjoying some Mega Man-inspired gameplay. Sadly, those segments were produced solely for the trailer. However, it does look like Nero jumps like Mega Man when he has the Mega Buster equipped. Whether or not that’s also a modification made just for the game’s trailer remains to be seen. 

It looks like those who pre-order Devil May Cry 5‘s Deluxe Edition will gain early access to the Mega Buster, but everyone who purchases that version of the game will be able to use it at some point. On top of that, Deluxe Edition owners will gain access to some additional special weapons, bonus music tracks, live-action cutscenes, and supplementary voice tracks. With the exception of the Mega Buster, though, it looks like most of the Deluxe Edition weapons are reskins of existing items. 

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It’s been fascinating to watch Capcom dig into their past more and more over the past year or two. Not only have they added content from some of their most famous franchises to Monster Hunter World, but they’ve also revealed the Resident Evil 2 Remake, the remaster of Onimusha, and a special bundle that compiles some of the company’s greatest beat ’em up games

Devil May Cry 5 is currently expected to be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8th. 

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