Details and Release Date for Destiny’s Age of Triumph Event

Take a look at just about everything that you'll have to look forward to in Age of Triumph.

Members of the Destiny development team took to Twitch today to break down what Destiny fans can expect when the game’s final event, Age of Triumph, releases on March 28th.

Age of Triumph‘s highlight feature is the introduction of an expanded record book that Bungie is calling the game’s biggest yet. This book is comprised of 13 pages which each contain a series of themed milestone challenges. For instance, there is a page devoted to each class, a page dedicated to secrets, a page all about strikes, etc. As players complete these challenges, their deeds will be recorded in the book. 

Upon finishing certain pages – or certain challenges – players will be rewarded with various weapons, armor, and decorative emblems designed to highlight their career accomplishments. Some of these accomplishments will not be available to all players, such as a reward for playing Destiny from day one. In fact, Bungie estimates that level 400 light level players who have completed most of the game’s content will probably notice that only about 50% of the new record book will be completed when they first open it. 

Players will not be required to complete every single task in order to receive certain record book related rewards, but there will be rewards for completionists. Those that complete 100% of the record book will even have the chance to own a custom Destiny t-shirt that showcases your accomplishment. 

Speaking of light levels, Bungie confirmed that Age of Triumph will not raise the game’s light level cap. They want to treat Age of Triumph as a “victory lap” for the game that allows players to celebrate the Destiny experience thus far. 

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Those who have achieved max light level, however, will be in a prime position to enjoy Age of Triumph‘s revamped raids. The game’s final event will unlock a new mode for each raid that raises its recommended light level to 390. This includes the very first Destiny raid, Vault of Glass, which hasn’t been upgraded for some time. 

Destiny raiders will also be able to experience what Bungie is calling weekly Destiny raid challenges, which will allow for players to experience slightly new takes on old raids throughout the month of April. These raids will offer unique rewards – including new ornamental armor – to players as well as the chance for veteran raiders to re-experience them with refreshed challenges. Bungie hinted that all raids are going to be slightly altered in some way, but refrained from detailing all the changes at this time. 

If you want a quick rundown of this event’s highlights, check out this recently released launch trailer for Age of Triumph.

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