Destiny: Bungie Releasing Lost Compilation of Original Music

A collection of Destiny music from composer Marty O’Donnell is finally being released...much to O'Donnell's surprise.

Bungie plans to release a previously unreleased collection of Destiny music from former composer Marty O’Donnell.

Titled Music of the Spheres, this eight-part musical compilation was originally intended to be released when Destiny first launched in 2014. However, Bungie ended up ending their working relationship with O’Donnell that same year which seemingly caused a bit of an issue in terms of their ability – or willingness – to release the album. 

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Since then, a Destiny fan named Owen Spence has been trying to put together the album himself based on leaked music tracks. Someone actually sent him a leaked copy of the entire music collection last year, and Spence put it online for all to enjoy. However, Bungie sent Spence a cease-and-desist letter last weekend which informed him to take down his leaked copies of the album as they intended to publish an official version of the collection. 

While Bungie was quite pleasant in the letter – they even thanked Spence for his work – the drama doesn’t quite end there. When Bungie informed the Destiny subreddit of their intentions to release the album, Marty O’Donnell himself joined the conversation and registered his surprise that nobody informed him that this was happening. In a subsequent e-mail to Kotaku, O’Donnell confirmed that he had no idea Bungie intended to release the album and stated that “I’d love to stop being snarky about Bungie, but they just can’t seem to stop insulting me.”

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At the heart of this drama is the album itself. While the mystery surrounding its canceled release is responsible for much of the hype surrounding it, Music of the Spheres is an important piece of Destiny‘s history as it features some never officially released tracks from O’Donnell as well as some of the music that he infamously worked on with Paul McCartney. It’s a shame it wasn’t originally released as intended, but we’re happy to hear that it will see an official release now. 

At this time, there is no word on when the compilation will debut or how much it will retail for.